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ECOpoint Eye-Gaze System from PRC

Prentke Romich Company (PRC), of Wooster, OH, a manufacturer of alternative and augmented communication (AAC) devices for individuals with speech disabilities, has introduced ECOpoint™, an integrated eye-gaze system for ECO™, PRC's most advanced, Windows® XP-compatible communication device. 

The addition of the ECOpoint eye-gaze module gives users full access to ECO's communication and computing capabilities via eye movements. ECOpoint, developed in conjunction with Tobii Technology (AB), uses dual, high-definition cameras and a dynamic LED array to track the user's eyes and deliver the industry's largest gazing area, to accommodate greater head and body movement. 

Because it operates on its own processor, unlike other eye-tracking systems, ECOpoint does not strain the speed or power of the ECO device itself.  Current ECO users will be able to purchase an eye-gaze system upgrade from PRC.

"ECOpoint sets a new industry standard in communication without limitation," stated PRC President David L. Moffatt. "It is the only, fully integrated AAC device that offers all access methods - eye-gaze, head-tracking, switch access, and direct selection - plus the unlimited communication and learning potential made possible by PRC's Unity® language system and ECO's personal computing

As part of the ECOpoint launch, PRC is donating a free ECO with the ECOpoint module - a combined value of $15,000 - to a school or center serving individuals with speech disabilities. 

A winner will be randomly selected from among those registering online at by March 31, 2009.

Additional ECOpoint features and capabilities include:   

  • Pre-programmed with all versions of PRC's Unity language system - Unity 4, 8, 15, 45, 60, 84, and 144 - and the WordCore™ vocabulary system for unlimited communication potential.
  • Optional WordPower™ vocabulary software enhances fast and efficient communication.
  • Allows the full literacy and learning potential of Windows applications and other popular software used in the classroom, at work, and at home.
  • Unity, WordCore, and WordPower programs can be used for onscreen keyboarding, mouse, and Windows control; and Unique, on-screen zoom feature allows easy navigation of third-party icons and controls.


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