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High-Tech AAC

Augmentative and alternative communication technologies are accelerating learning outcomes.

Behavior Change in Patients with Dementia

If change occurs suddenly, use this checklist of possible causes to determine the best response.

Rechargeable Batteries for Hearing Aids

New power sources offer differentiation for audiologists and hearing practices, and convenience and performance for patients.

Vocal Fold Voice Therapy

Voice therapy with a trained speech-language pathologist can assist patients with vocal cord paralysis.

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Hearing Practice Management

Hearing Practice Management

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ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs

ADVANCE Healthcare Jobs

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Patient Handouts

Understanding Dysphagia

Understanding Dysphagia

Learn about signs and symptoms, evaluation and treatment options.

Patient Handout Library

Patient Handout Library

Go inside to find more handouts to print and share with your patients.

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Teaching With Mobile Technology

Teaching With Mobile Technology

Patient retention, early intervention, dysphagia, teletherapy and more.

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Digital Edition Archives

Find all the past editions full of therapy, evaluation and practice news, tips and trends.

Salary Survey

Salary Survey

2014 Speech & Hearing Salary Survey Results

Average salaries by region, experience, benefits and more.


Speech and Hearing Perspectives

Speech and Hearing Perspectives Blog Avatar

Your Child and AAC: One Mother's Tips for Success

Kids tend to rise to expectations. Children with special needs are no different.

Speech in the Schools

Speech in the Schools Blog Avatar

Window into Stuttering

Filmmaker, and an SLP who stutters, share their own experiences in new documentary.

The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention

The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention Blog Avatar

The Gift of Communication

When you work with a child who is struggling to communicate, it puts things in perspective.

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Student & New Grad Center

Six Principles of Female Leadership

Six Principles of Female Leadership

The half-dozen most important things you can learn from the world´s most powerful women.

Career Development Handout

Attending a Professional Conference

Attending a Professional Conference

10 Tips to make the most of your conference experience

Main Center

Main Center

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2015 Special Editions

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.

2015 Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

This comprehensive guide is a resource to help improve your career through education, plus event, course and degree offerings.

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