A True Summit for Speech & Hearing

ASHA's 2015 Convention in Denver was marked by its emphasis on bold change.

Sounds of Success

Effectively operating an independent audiology practice amid challenges.

What Is Your Career IQ?

Take our test and discover your unique career strengths and weaknesses.

Patient-Centered Care in Audiology

Listening to the winds of change and preparing for the profession's future.

Good News About Holiday Treats

Studies show that chocolate offers health benefits, but moderation and quality are caveats.

Emergency Preparedness in Hospital Settings

Disaster readiness programs equip U.S. facilities for events such as the ISIS attacks in Paris.

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Hearing Practice Management

Hearing Practice Management

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Patient Handouts

Growing With Your New Hearing Aid

Growing With Your New Hearing Aid

Because hearing loss is usually gradual, we can forget how certain things are supposed to sound.

Patient Handout Library

Patient Handout Library

Go inside to find more handouts to print and share with your patients.

Salary Survey

2015 Salary Survey

2015 Salary Survey

It's that time of year again! Enter now to be included when we reveal the results in March!

Salary Survey

2014 Speech & Hearing Salary Survey Results

Average salaries by region, experience, benefits and more.

Opinion Poll

What's hardest to handle for solo speech-therapy or hearing practices?

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Relatively Speaking

Relatively Speaking

Supporting family caregivers, aphasia, early intervention, hearing loss prevention and more.

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Speech Digital Edition Archives

Digital Edition Archives

Find all the past editions full of therapy, evaluation and practice news, tips and trends.


Speech in the Schools

Speech in the Schools Blog Avatar

Thankfulness All Year

Being thankful honors and increases the strength of the positive relationships in our lives.

Speech and Hearing Perspectives

Speech and Hearing Perspectives Blog Avatar

Divine Intervention

Milwaukee Pentecostal Outreach aims to improve the spiritual and physical health of its community.

The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention

The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention Blog Avatar

Spotting Them Sooner

Why SLPs should be evaluating for pragmatic language delays in toddlers.

Additional blogs:

Student & New Grad Center

Becoming an Informed Investor

Becoming an Informed Investor

Proposed governmental regulations notwithstanding, it's important to know how to best invest your savings.

Career Development Handout

Attending a Professional Conference

Attending a Professional Conference

10 Tips to make the most of your conference experience

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Main Center

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2015 Special Editions

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

ADVANCE for Healthcare Careers

Resources to help you continue growing in your professional journey.

2015 Focus on Education

ADVANCE Focus on Education

This comprehensive guide is a resource to help improve your career through education, plus event, course and degree offerings.



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