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Goal Banking for Dysphagia Patients

SLPs devise web-based platform to foster consistency between providers and from one facility to another.

Patient-Centered Dysphagia Care

Empowering patients to become active participants in their care.

Depression after Acute Ischemic Stroke

Early assessment is important for better outcomes.

Steps to Success After SCI

Detailing the multidisciplinary approach at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.

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Focus On

Focus on: Stroke


A comprehensive collection of resources in recognition of American Stroke Month.

Patient Handouts

Pediatric Dysphagia

What parents need to know


Play-Based Therapy

Play-Based Therapy

Pediatric patients get the opportunity to improve their communication through play

New! Interactive Guide

Swallowing: An Illustrated Journey

Swallowing: An Illustrated Journey

Our interactive visual guide explains the stages of swallowing and potential dysfunctions that can interfere with each stage.


Video: Swallowing After Stroke

Video: Swallowing After Stroke

Watch an exclusive video of Lynn Reed, MA, CCC-SLP, discussing the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation.


Focus on Geriatric & Adult Services

Read about the rewards and challenges of working with geriatric and adult populations with communication, cognitive and/or swallowing disorders.

Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources

Print for Patients

ADVANCE is pleased to offer clinicians patient handouts covering a variety of conditions.

Featured Favorites

AAC and Dysphagia

New protocol and icons for nonverbal patients.

Working Together

To prevent aspiration.

The Aging Swallow

Quantitative evaluation with manometry

Clinical Advantage

Collaborating with dietitians in dysphagia management


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