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U-Play Mat from Play This Way

As a pediatrician and mother of two sets of twins, Dr. Jennifer Canter designed  the U-Play Mat, to enhance interactive, educational  floor play between toddlers and adults. The mat allows the child to sit inside the U-shaped opening of the mat and have complete access to all 15 clear pockets filled with interactive flash cards.

From theme-based cards such as animals, foods, letters and more, adults can interact with the child and make learning fun.  The U-Play Mat is designed to keep the child engaged inside of the "U" shape with the caregiver sitting directly across on the floor. The shape provides an excellent setting for eye contact and face-to-face interaction. The child will have full access to cards that are protected behind clear pockets in front, and on all sides.

When engaged in these exercises with cards behind the pockets, the child can still touch but not move the cards, allowing games to continue without interruption. These child safe pockets are slightly larger than the size of the cards, allowing for easy movement of cards in and out of the pockets.

Theme-based cards allow for children to create connections, engage in conversation, and develop cues for learning and remembering. Themes are designed to be multicultural, easy and fun with corresponding images applicable to the everyday life of a young child.

The U-Play Mat is designed to be used by individuals who speak any language. There are no words on the cards, and the images are designed to be culturally sensitive.

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