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How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

How to handle the situation and factors to consider before accepting an offer.

Hearing Loss and Cognitive Strain

Difficulty conversing, straining to understand others, and even trouble remembering parts of what was said are common, study finds.

Audigy Team Summit 2016

Owners of independent hearing practices and audiology students gather in Las Vegas.


HPM E-Book

Competition: Keeping Track of All the Players


Building Sounds One Block at a Time

Building Sounds One Block at a Time

A speech therapist invented the following game for helping children correct speech production.

Perspectives of a Gator Audiology Student

Perspectives of a Gator Audiology Student

Josh Gilbert gives you a peek into the life of a Doctor of Audiology student.

Audiology Guide

Drive Your Practice in the Right Direction

Marketing strategies to build patient relationships and profitability.
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A Better Connection to Care

For SLPs and their patients, teleintervention is greatly enhancing early intervention.

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Digital Edition Archives

Find all the past editions full of therapy, evaluation and practice news, tips and trends.

Better Speech and Hearing Month

Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month

Happy Better Speech and Hearing Month

Early intervention counts.

Patient Handout


Your First Audiology Visit

Getting to know the tests and tools.

My Child's First Hearing Aids

Practical tips to help keep your child's hearing aids safe and in place

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Pediatrics Resource Center

Columns, blogs, webinars, jobs and more: the latest pediatric speech therapy resources at your fingertips.


The Ear Book

An interactive guide to the various parts of the ear.


Pediatric Pointers

Language Production and Perception

What every parent of a deaf child should know about sign language.

The Bottom Line

Y2K Revisited: The Baby Boomer Bust

America is aging, but predictions that hearing aid sales would explode are unrealized so far.


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