Yoga for Speech Therapy

Take a look at how common poses can be adapted for young speech patients

From channeling pent-up energy, to steadying the breath, to improving concentration, yoga can have a calming effect on rowdy speech therapy students. Flip through our gallery for a how-to guide to teach your students some basic poses.

Photos courtesy of Christine Ristuccia, president and founder of Say It Right, San Marcos, CA.

For more on incoporating yoga into speech therapy, read "Movement for Speech Therapy."

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I second Amy's comment. As someone who was first a yoga instructor now also a speech pathologist, it's wonderful to see this discussion happening in our profession. There is definitely a benefit for children w/development delays and the anxiety that may surround it. Hopefully there will be near future discussion on the benefits for the adults populations we serve given the current studies supporting positive outcomes. Thanks for the article!

Sydne Lee,  SLP, RYTNovember 05, 2012
Chicago, IL

I would also like more information on this subject and the different poses that are used? How does one become YogaKids Instructor?
Akyko West (

Akyko West,  SLPAugust 02, 2012

As a practicing speech pathologist and yoga teacher I am so glad to see Advance finally address yoga and its benefits for speech delayed children. I use yoga in my practice and have seen the benefits. To address Susan Loomis you should check out the work of Paul Dennison and Brain Gym. Any movement that crosses midline allows the left and right hemisphere to communicate and helps the corpus callosum. Hope this helps!! Thanks again for making this article available to speech pathologists!! I am a certified Yogakids teacher and if anyone would like information please feel free to contact me.

Amy Cohen,  Speech Pathologist/Yoga TeacheAugust 01, 2012
Huntington, NY

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