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Pasquale Fonzetti Appointed Director of Burke Rehabilitation Hospital's Memory Evaluation and Treatment Service Program

White Plains, NY - Pasquale Fonzetti, MD, PhD, has been appointed director of the Memory Evaluation and Treatment Service (METS), a program that provides comprehensive outpatient assessment and treatment of memory disorders, at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, N.Y. Fonzetti, a board-certified neurologist, had been the associate director of the program for 15 years and also serves as a staff neurologist at Burke. Through METS, Fonzetti works with patients to evaluate memory problems, ...

Posted on: July 22, 2016
New Study in Biological Psychiatry Examines Paths to Autism

Philadelphia, PA - A new article in Biological Psychiatry reports that brain alterations in infants at risk for autism may be widespread and affect multiple systems, in contrast to the widely held assumption of impairment specifically in social brain networks. Autism is diagnosed based on impairments in social and communication behaviors. These symptoms tend to emerge in the second year of life, but identifying abnormalities in early infancy could help researchers understand how autism develops and ...

Posted on: July 20, 2016
Researchers Make Advance in Possible Treatments for Gaucher, Parkinson's Diseases

With assistance from a high tech robot, National Institutes of Health researchers have identified and tested a molecule that shows promise as a possible treatment for the rare Gaucher disease and the more common Parkinson's disease. Ellen Sidransky, MD, a senior investigator with NIH's National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), and her collaborators at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS), published ...

Posted on: July 18, 2016
MED-EL's COMBI 40+ Cochlear Implant Receives FDA Approval for 1.5T MRI with Internal Magnet

Durham, NC - Global hearing implant manufacturer MED-EL has announced FDA approval of its COMBI 40+ cochlear implant as conditionally safe with 1.5T MRI with the magnet in place. The COMBI 40+ received FDA approval in August 2001, and was the first MED-EL cochlear implant offered in the United States. "From the very beginning, MED-EL has engineered our cochlear implants to be future-ready, so that our recipients can access the latest technology as it becomes available. As a company, we continuously strive ...

Posted on: July 15, 2016
Able Newspaper Celebrates 25 Years Bringing News For, By and About People with Disabilities

Able, the newspaper for, by and about people with disabilities which has been bringing much needed news to people with disabilities since 1991, is celebrating 25 years of publication. After her introduction to the disability community as a volunteer at the Paralympics on Long Island in 1984, Able's publisher, Angela Melledy brought together her newspaper experience and newly found affinity for the community of people with disabilities and started Able Newspaper. "It has been a wonderful time for me," said ...

Posted on: July 13, 2016
Oticon, Inc. President Peer Lauritsen Announces Plans to Retire

Somerset, NJ - Oticon, Inc. has announced that Peer Lauritsen will retire as president of Oticon, Inc. at the end of 2016. Lauritsen will step down from day-to-day responsibilities in July but continue to assist in ensuring a smooth transition. In his more than 40 years with Oticon, Lauritsen has built a strong platform for continuous growth that consistently creates value for Oticon's professional partners and their patients. A long-standing champion of the vital role of hearing care professionals, ...

Posted on: July 11, 2016
Stuttering Foundation Announces 25th Annual Media Awards Competition

Memphis, TN - For the 25th consecutive year, the Stuttering Foundation, has announced it will recognize journalists for excellence in reporting that furthers the understanding of this complex disorder. "Coverage by the media is essential to spreading information, help and hope to the 70 million people around the world who stutter," said Jane Fraser, president of the foundation. "More importantly, news articles, opinion columns, radio and television segments, blog posts and podcasts help the public to ...

Posted on: July 10, 2016
Study Reveals Reasons for Delays in Early Autism Diagnoses in Australia

Brisbane, Australia - A new study has found many Australian children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may not be diagnosed until long after initial signs appear, prompting calls for improvements to the diagnostic process. Researchers from QUT's (Queensland University of Technology) School of Psychology and Counselling conducted a national study of pediatricians, psychologists and psychiatrists to investigate issues related to ASD assessment and diagnosis in children. The study, led by PhD candidate and ...

Posted on: July 09, 2016
Study: Electronic Tablets Speed Stroke Care During Patient Transport

 A clinical trial testing mobile videoconferencing as a means for physicians to diagnose stroke patients while they're being transported to the hospital has found that a tablet-based system produced diagnoses highly correlating with a bedside assessment - a finding that could have important implications for the early treatment of stroke and for preventing the disability it causes. The Improving Treatment with Rapid Evaluation of Acute Stroke via Mobile Telemedicine, or iTREAT, study used a low-cost, ...

Posted on: July 08, 2016
UW Study Suggests Way to Identify Quick Language Learners

Arlington, VA - New findings by scientists at the University of Washington demonstrate that a five-minute measurement of resting-state brain activity predicted how quickly adults picked up a second language. The study, sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), is the first to use patterns of resting-state brain waves to determine subsequent language learning rate. "This is vital brain function research that could enable the military to develop a more effective selection process of those who can ...

Posted on: July 07, 2016
Salus University Receives ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider Recognition

Elkins Park, PA - Salus University has been approved by the Continuing Education Board (CEB) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) to offer continuing education courses for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. ASHA approved CE providers are the only organizations approved to offer continuing education courses for ASHA Continuing Education Units. In order to achieve ASHA Approved CE Provider status, Salus completed a rigorous application process and successfully demonstrated ...

Posted on: July 06, 2016
Can Acupuncture Improve Quality of Life for People with TBI-Related Headaches

New Rochelle, NY - A study comparing the effectiveness of usual care alone to usual care plus either auricular or traditional Chinese acupuncture in treating patients with headaches due to a previous traumatic brain injury (TBI) showed a significant improvement in headache-related quality of life (QoL) with the addition of acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture had a greater overall impact on headache-related QoL than did traditional Chinese acupuncture, according to the study published in Medical ...

Posted on: July 03, 2016
NeuroVision Announces $10 million Series B Financing

Sacramento, CA - NeuroVision Imaging LLC has raised a Series B financing round led by a $5 million investment from Wildcat Capital Management, the family office of TPG co-founder David Bonderman. A portion of the Series B financing has been reserved for strategic investors. Wildcat is providing support for NeuroVision as it seeks advanced validation and regulatory approval for its retinal imaging technology in connection with the early detection and monitoring of amyloid pathology related to Alzheimer's ...

Posted on: July 02, 2016
Thrive Celebrates National Ice Cream Month with a "Two-fer" Twist

Orlando, FL - In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July "National Ice Cream Month," urging everyone to celebrate in an appropriate fashion. Fast-forward to 2016 and Thrive Ice Cream is also urging Americans to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, this time with a unique a "two-fer" twist: eat Thrive for its deliciousness and unique nutritional boost. While 90% of Americans eat ice cream, nutrition is likely not the reason, said Jeff Holtz, Thrive's vice president of innovation. For more than 35 ...

Posted on: July 01, 2016
Kaiser Permanente Study: Rates of Death Due to Heart Disease and Stroke Leveling Off

Oakland, CA - After more than a decade of steady improvements, the decline in mortality rates from heart disease and stroke has slowed nationally and nearly leveled out since 2011, according to a new analysis from Kaiser Permanente published in JAMA Cardiology. "Continued innovation is essential in our efforts to address the ongoing challenge of cardiovascular disease prevention," said lead author Stephen Sidney, MD, MPH, director of research clinics at the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division ...

Posted on: June 30, 2016
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