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Children with Autism Use Own Voices With New App

Therapy Box is pleased to introduce ChatAble 2.0, the latest version of the popular app used around the world by children with autism and adults with aphasia. Available in a range of languages, the app is an essential aid for people with speech and language difficulties. The app provides a range of easy to use communication pages so that the child or adult using it can switch between grid pages, visual scene displays and hybrid pages. This is an exciting advancement for children like Coco. Coco's mother ...

Posted on: November 26, 2014
Marywood University's Aphasia Group Wins Award

Marywood University's Aphasia Group, under the direction of Marla Kovatch, clinical instructor for the communication sciences and disorders (CSD) department at Marywood University, was awarded Outstanding Support Group by the 2014 Raising Awareness in Stroke Excellence (RAISE) Award Committeee.The committee announced seven winners from more than 460 nominations. The winners were named across various categories, including Most Creative, Most Impactful, Outstanding Group and more.Marywood University's ...

Posted on: November 25, 2014
Virtual Dementia Tour Provides Insight into Alzheimer's

Specially made glasses blocked my peripheral vision and turned everything straight ahead into an out-of-focus minefield of chairs and tables to avoid, corners to navigate.Earphones blared a cacophony of distracting, relentless noise. Imagine a cocktail party, a debate on "The View," big-city traffic, a ride on a school bus and a conversation from loud people at the next table.I wore bulky, textured gloves and cleated plastic insoles had been slipped into my shoes.Over the noise rattling in my head, I was ...

Posted on: November 24, 2014
Facial Motion & Social Interaction Among Adults With Autism

People on the autistic spectrum may struggle to recognize social cues, unfamiliar people or even someone's gender because of an inability to interpret changing facial expressions, new research has found.According to the study by academics at Brunel University London, adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), though able to recognize static faces, struggle with tasks that require them to discriminate between sequences of facial motion or to use facial motion as a cue to identity.The research supports ...

Posted on: November 22, 2014
Multiple Models Reveal New Genetic Links in Autism

With the help of mouse models, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and the "tooth fairy," researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have implicated a new gene in idiopathic or non-syndromic autism. The gene is associated with Rett syndrome, a syndromic form of autism, suggesting that different types of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may share similar molecular pathways.The findings are published in the Nov. 11, 2014 online issue of Molecular Psychiatry."I see this ...

Posted on: November 21, 2014
PA Autism Census Shows Increase in Services, Especially for Adults

The number of Pennsylvanians accessing services for autism jumped from 20,000 in 2009 to 55,000 this year. The 2014 Autism Census statistics were released this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and the Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training Collaborative (ASERT).The census counts those accessing publicly funded supports through the Department of Education, Department of Public Welfare, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Department of Corrections, and so does not ...

Posted on: November 20, 2014
Scientific Findings, Clinical Advances to Be Presented at ASHA

With an increasing number of Americans experiencing communication disorders, new research and exciting advances for treating these more than 40 million individuals will be reported at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) 2014 Convention in Orlando, Florida, November 20-22.The premier event for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists, the 2014 ASHA Convention theme is "Science. Learning. Practice. Generations of Discovery."In addition to ...

Posted on: November 19, 2014
Speak, Read, & Spell Launches e-Learning Platform

Speak, Read, & Spell is a subscription based, e-learning platform that allows independent speech language pathologists, organizations, businesses, or schools to access customized language, literacy and English pronunciation instruction through fun, interactive lesson plans and program activities."Working as a speech language pathologist for the last few decades, I realized that in order to grow, I needed an online platform that could facilitate the therapy and administration of my private practice. As ...

Posted on: November 18, 2014
Medicare Clarifies Billing Modifiers for Therapy Services

A meeting between ASHA and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) officials provided guidance to speech-language pathologists regarding use of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) modifier -59, a modifier that is used to define a "Distinct Procedural Service." Speech-language pathologists use the modifier -59 on several codes subject to the National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI). The modifier indicates and attests that codes billed on the same date of service are separate ...

Posted on: November 17, 2014
Link Found Between Cold Sores and Risk of Alzheimer's

Researchers in Sweden have found a link between Alzheimer's disease and cold sores, which can double the risk.The researchers at Umea University discovered that the herpes simplex virus, the cause of cold sores, weakens the immune system allowing it to reach different parts of the brain, which could lead to dementia, according to Delhi Daily News.This link may lead to medicines that can decrease the advancement of or inhibit the disease altogether, the researchers hope."Whether treatment of herpes ...

Posted on: November 15, 2014
Study Offers Clues To Soaring Autism Rates

The substantial rise in autism in recent years is primarily, but not entirely, due to changes in how the developmental disorder is defined and reported, a new study suggests.In a review of records on every person born in Denmark between 1980 and 1991, researchers found that major changes to the diagnostic criteria for autism in the mid-1990s accounted for a third of the increase in people with the condition, according to findings published this month in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.Autism rates have ...

Posted on: November 14, 2014
Tobii Dynavox Expands Access With Spanish Version

Tobii Dynavox, a leader in accessibility and communication solutions for individuals with disabilities, recently announced the availability of a Spanish version of its Compass Software. Since its release in September 2013, Compass Software has helped thousands of individuals with communication challenges communicate. Compass Software is now available in an English-Spanish bilingual version to help bilingual users communicate at home, school and work."We're excited to offer a combined Spanish and English ...

Posted on: November 13, 2014
Medicare Rescinds Speech-Generating Device Policies

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has informed ASHA that they are rescinding the policies from the February Durable Medical Equipment (DME) contractors "Coverage Reminder" that required speech-generating devices (SGDs) to undergo product approval and reclassification, and are opening up the National Coverage Determination for a 30-day comment period ending December 6, 2014.This decision is consistent with the recommendations that ASHA proposed to CMS in a September 24, 2014, meeting ...

Posted on: November 12, 2014
Parental Intervention Best for Toddlers with Autism

For the first time, toddlers with autism have demonstrated significant improvement after intensive intervention by parents rather than clinicians, according to a new Florida State University study published online in the journal Pediatrics."We've come up with a treatment model that can teach parents to support their child's learning during everyday activities, and we've documented that the children improved their developmental level, social communication skills and autism symptoms," said Amy Wetherby, ...

Posted on: November 11, 2014
Autism Studies Identify Contributing Genes

Two new studies exploring the genetic basis of autism tie mutations in hundreds of genes to the disease.Several teams of researchers collaborated on the studies, both published in the journal Nature, and found that about 60 of the genes are considered "high confidence," meaning there's a 90% chance that mutations within those genes contribute to risk for autism. Both studies show through genomic sequencing that many of these mutations are de novo, meaning that parents do not have the gene mutation, but ...

Posted on: November 10, 2014
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