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Pediatric Hearing Loss

Help is needed beyond the classroom.

Treating Post-Concussion Syndrome in Pediatric Patients

Frequency and duration guidelines for therapy based on trend data at Weisman Children's Rehabilitation Hospital.

Three Tips for College Health Centers

Advice for on-campus healthcare professionals from the students they treat.

Play-Based Therapy

Play-Based Therapy

Pediatric patients get the opportunity to improve their communication through play


Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism

PA center supports emotional and speech needs of children with SM


Beyond the ADHD Diagnosis

Beyond the ADHD Diagnosis

Learn select speech language causes of hyperactivity and inattentiveness in children beyond the ADHD diagnosis

Interactive Guide

Ear Book

The Ear Book

An interactive guide to the various parts of the ear


All About Apps

25 app reviews to help you meet your clients' goals

All About Autism

Download an e-book focusing on challenging behaviors for individuals with autism

Apps for the Classroom

Download this guide of 25 fun free apps to use with school-aged children



Pediatric Pointers

Language Production and Perception

What every parent of a deaf child should know about sign language.

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Congenital Cytomegalovirus

Congenital CMV is currently the most common intrauterine infection in the United States.


Growing Up With a Rich Sound Picture

Watch as Don Schum, PhD, Oticon VP for Audiology & Professional Relations, explains how a speech signal is processed


A Better Future for Every Child with Hearing Loss

Oticon Pediatrics' audiological mission is to help hearing care professionals create a better future for children with hearing loss

Clinical Resource

CAPD Recommendations

Use of Technology for More Effective Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders (C) APDs

Patient Handouts

Autism: Visiting the Pediatrician

Autism: Visiting the Pediatrician

Tips to help you prepare your child before, during and after an appointment.

The Basics of Stuttering

The Basics of Stuttering

Why stuttering won't stop your child from succeeding.

Pediatric Dysphagia

Pediatric Dysphagia

What parents need to know

My Child's First Hearing Aids

My Child's First Hearing Aids

Practical tips to help keep your child's hearing aids safe and in place


Gestational Diabetes and Newborn Hearing Risks

Researching a curiosity helped one nursery get ahead of a population of newborns whose hearing impairment may go undetected.

The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention

Jasna Cowan, MS, CCC-SLP, offers advice on bilingualism, autism, articulation and phonological delays, and speech disorders.

Speech in the Schools

A blog by and for school-based speech-language pathologists


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